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MolViewSpec extension

MolViewSpec (MVS) is a tool for standardized description of reproducible molecular visualizations shareable across software applications.

MolViewSpec provides a generic description of typical visual scenes that may occur as part of molecular visualizations. A tree format allows the composition of complex scene descriptors by combining reoccurring nodes that serve as building blocks.

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MolViewSpec data structure

MolViewSpec is based on a tree format, i.e. a molecular view is described as a tree where individual node types represent common data operations needed to create the view (e.g. download, parse, color). A MolViewSpec tree can be stored in .mvsj file format. Refer to the developer documentation for more details or see a few examples here.

MolViewSpec extension in Mol* Viewer

There are multiple ways to load MolViewSpec views (.mvsj files) into Mol* Viewer: