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Spinning (or rocking) molecule

Guide for creating spinning (or rocking) molecule videos in #molstar

  1. load structure(s)
  2. adjust visual style & coloring
  3. export camera spin (or rock) animation video

Here is a rendition of #motm Golgi Casein Kinase (PDB 5yh2) by @dsgoodsell @buildmodels

Spinning 5YH2 video


Here is the inhibitor paxlovid bound to the SARS-CoV-2 main protease (PDB 7TE0)

Rocking 7TE0 video


Step by step

To export a spinning (or rocking) molecule video in #molstar

  • Go to the Export Animation panel
  • Pick the "Camera Spin" (or "Camera Rock") option
  • Optionally open screenshot settings to adjust resolution
  • Click "Render" and wait until "Save Animation" button appears
  • Enjoy and share

movie export settings

Final notes

  • Movie rendering and export are purely in the Browser. Your data stays on your machine
  • View the #molstar states online
    • 5YH2:
    • 7TE0: